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  Amelia Keldan is a women’s fiction writer, full time Mother and lover of all things vintage.

  When not reading and writing, you can find her trawling through second hand stores, re-furbishing old furniture and creating playlists on her iPhone.

  Amelia grew up amongst the foothills of South Australia and now resides in a beachside suburb, which helped provide the setting for her latest stand-alone novel, The Memories of Misty.


  Her next project, The Arrival of Amber, is due for release in 2019.

The Evergreen Years Boxset

At only six-years-old, Tildy McVee has an extraordinary talent for reading people. The heavy burden of this 'gift' comes to a head one Summer, as her family struggle to try find their way through the free-wheeling decade of the 1970s. Secrets are revealed, loyalties are tested and no one is prepared for the eventual fallout. As Tildy gets older, the aftershocks of these events continue to ricochet through the tumultuous 80s, the self-conscious 90s and the beginning of a new millennium.

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